ABOUT Haffner Auto

Haffner Auto is Leading supplier of OEM quality remanufactured and new aftermarket products

Going through a distressing phase with your automatic business then Haffner Auto is the right platform to help you. We are renowned trading and consulting company supplying high-quality vehicle maintenance equipments, related services, OEM specification and rightful solutions. The approach and accessibility of Haffner Auto have developed with spotlessly in the last seventy years. We do not compromise on using our same ingredients that is quality, customer satisfaction and great pricing to achieve quantifiable results.


Our team focuses on providing our customers with customised and exceptional automotive services and solutions.


We are working with the unsurpassed partners working in the automotive field having an immense stream of knowledge.


We are equipped with the top-notch international technology and make use of the current marketing techniques with the best of our knowledge.



Haffner Auto has embraced the worth of offering quality products clubbed with esteemed customer support with a view to excel in feat and price. Our manufactured auto parts insights are determined to meet the OEM specifications to every bit to sustain long in the market.

We are designed our services to make our mark in customers life and Automotive Industry.