Composition: differential case, planetary gear and half-shaft gear

Role: Two shafts rotate at different speeds with each other

Classification: gear differential, non-slip differential

Application: Vehicle driving


The vehicle differential can enable the left and right (or front and rear) drive wheels to implement a mechanism that rotates at different speeds. It is mainly composed of left and right half shaft gears, two planetary gears and a gear carrier. The function is to make the left and right wheels roll at different speeds when the car is turning or driving on uneven roads, that is, to ensure that the driving wheels on both sides make pure rolling motion. The differential is installed to adjust the difference in speed between the left and right wheels. In four-wheel drive, in order to drive four wheels, all wheels must be connected. If the four wheels are mechanically connected, the car cannot rotate at the same speed when driving on a curve. In order to allow the car to drive on a curve The rotation speed is basically consistent. At this time, an intermediate differential needs to be added to adjust the speed difference between the front and rear wheels.

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