The automobile engine is the power unit of the automobile. It provides the power source of the automobile. It is composed of two major mechanisms and five systems (crank-link mechanism and gas distribution mechanism; fuel supply system, cooling system, lubrication system, ignition system and starting system). With the cooperation of the five major systems, through the connection and operation of the two major mechanisms, the chemical energy of the fuel is converted into mechanical kinetic energy, and the reciprocating linear motion is converted into rotary motion. The engine is the “heart” of the car and provides the basic power for the car operation Protection.

Composition of two major institutions and five major systems

1. Crank connecting rod mechanism: connecting rod, crankshaft, bearing pad, flywheel, piston, piston ring, piston pin, crankshaft oil seal;

2. Gas distribution mechanism: cylinder head, valve chamber cover, camshaft, valve, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, air filter, muffler, three-way catalyst, supercharger, inter-cooler, etc .;

3. Cooling system: It is generally composed of water tank, water pump, radiator, fan, thermostat, water temperature meter and water discharge switch; (Automotive engine adopts two cooling methods, namely air cooling and water cooling. At present, engines in the mainstream market of China’s automobile Mostly use water cooling.)

4. Lubrication system: The engine lubrication system is composed of oil pump, filter, oil filter, oil passage, pressure limiting valve, oil meter, pressure plug and dipstick;

5. Fuel system: Gasoline engine fuel system consists of gasoline tank, gasoline meter, gasoline pipe, gasoline filter, gasoline pump, carburetor, air filter, intake and exhaust manifold, etc.

6. Starting system: starter, ignition switch, battery;

7. Ignition system: spark plug, high voltage wire, high voltage coil, distributor.

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