Suspension system is a general term for all force-transmitting connection devices between the car’s frame and the axle or wheel. Its function is to transmit the force and moment acting between the wheel and the frame, and cushion the transmission from the uneven road to the frame or The impact force of the car body and the vibration caused by it are attenuated to ensure that the car runs smoothly.

Attribution: Automotive Systems

Function: shock absorption

Mechanism components: shock absorber, spring, anti-roll bar, connecting rod and other parts.

Classification of Suspension System:

Non-independent suspension system, independent suspension system, cross arm suspension system (double wishbone type and single wishbone type), double wishbone independent suspension, trailing arm type suspension system, candle type suspension system, Macpherson type suspension system, Active suspension system, air vehicle suspension system.

The Spare Parts we offer

  • Air Springs
  • Custom U-Bolt Bending
  • Equalizers, Hangers, Pads, etc.
  • Leaf Springs
  • Shocks
  • Spring Rebuilding & Re-Arching
  • Torque Arms & Bushings
  • Trailer Suspensions
  • Walking Beams – New & Exchange

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