Main components: gears and shafts

Role: variable speed and torque

Manipulation mode: forced, automatic, semi-automatic

Application areas: automotive, engineering machinery


The gearbox mainly refers to the car’s gearbox. It is divided into two types: manual and automatic. The manual gearbox is mainly composed of gears and shafts. The gearbox generates variable torque through different gear combinations. Torque, planetary gear, hydraulic variable pitch system and hydraulic control system. Variable speed and torque are achieved through the combination of hydraulic transmission and gears.

The current transmission systems are mainly mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission and hydrostatic transmission. The gearbox has manual shift and power shift, and the structure has fixed shaft type and planetary type.

  • Change the transmission ratio and expand the range of drive wheel torque and rotation speed to adapt to the constantly changing driving conditions, while making the engine work under favorable conditions (higher power and lower fuel consumption)
  • Enable the car to run backwards with the engine rotating in the same direction;
  • Use neutral to interrupt power transmission, enable the engine to start and shift, and facilitate gear shifting or power output.
  • The transmission is composed of a variable-speed transmission mechanism and a steering mechanism, and a power take-off can be added when needed. There are two ways in classification: according to the change of transmission ratio and according to the difference in operation.

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