Brakes and suspensions are two integral part of any passenger vehicle and hold approximate importance too. The entire braking concept relies on the designs, specification, functionality and operating standards. Both of these work together for a better controlling system of the vehicle too. The braking system includes braking hardware kits and pads, which envelop any kind of passenger vehicle needs. Plus the suspension system needs air springs and accessories.

Our team here at Haffner Auto designs and manufactures top-notch quality of Passenger Vehicle Braking and Suspension System focusing on their integration and computing strategies. We start with creating the blueprint of the equipments and then carry on with the validation. The manufacturing process includes a detailed conversation with the client as well. These two systems hold their individual strength, expertise and validates mainly in the after-sale market if the automotive industry. Our manufacturing work includes testing and of the Passenger Vehicle Braking and Suspension System to see its stimulating and operational effects.

We are designed our services to make our mark in customers life and Automotive Industry.