Haffner Auto has a team of well qualified and professional team of engineers and holding best of experience. The team has the capability to meet any need of the customer or any industry-specific requirements. We fully understand the potential that the client is expecting from us considering the quality standards and perform accordingly.

Services We Offer


We follow up with our customers using the most common communication process to smoothen the work.

Swot Up

The team works on the controlling and assessment of the raw material from the initial stage itself.


We undertake all the measures required for testing and quality control.


The entire manufacturing process is under the eyes of our industry experts.


It includes assembly of equipments, bills and so on.

Client Requirement

Other details mentioned by the clients are also focused on.

Customers Are Our Top Priority

Haffner Auto takes the complete responsibility of the project allotted and works with customer-centric approach.

We are designed our services to make our mark in customers life and Automotive Industry.