Haffner Auto is wholly focused on providing integrated solutions for the supply chain in which the most important role is played by warehousing. We offer warehousing services at a comprehensive level with best tools, accommodation, within an affordable range.

Supplementary Services


The equipments are stored as per their nature to avoid any damage.


We also aid in controlling the stored equipments with bills, serial number etc.


Both inbound and outbound processing are carried out by professionals with grace.


We also provide with overflow and seasonal warehouse services as well.

Flow Distribution

Cross docking or flow distribution is also a part of our warehousing system.

Value-Added Services

We have an extensive range of additional services for warehousing.

Customers Are Our Top Priority

Haffner Auto takes the complete responsibility of the project allotted and works with customer-centric approach.

We are designed our services to make our mark in customers life and Automotive Industry.