The logistics solution is the game changer for any company running around. It is one of those factors that determine customer satisfaction, cost reduction and also the customer’s demands as well. But when it comes to Haffner Auto, we are empowered with the best logistic solutions that have made a mark in the entire automobile industry in China and abroad too. To put forward with accurate logistic services we not only work in the contemporary factors but along with this, give equal worth the operations and agreements.

Logistic services are a stream of various processes which on the whole accumulates the company in engaging good amount of saving and proposing the customers with the new and innovative range of products devoid of damages. Our logistic team operates for the shipping of the equipments plus in their storage too.

How do we work seamlessly with our logistic services?

To answer this question, we need to take you to an in-depth journey of our logistics department. So, let us give a start with the focus area now –

Today, there are hundreds and thousands of software that has made the work easy for the logistics team to carry on with the work without much ado. Likewise, we have glued our respective team with the best of logistics software and technologies. It helps us in increasing the mobility of the products and alongside reduces the labour cost too. So, overall the overhead cost will come down itself.

Working frequency with high profile automatic equipments-

Commands are one the trusted methods that we use while shipping of our high profile automatic equipments. The voice commands are known to escalate the working frequency by 30% which is magnificent. It has made our logistic and warehouse team to work in an effortless manner. As a result of which there is no chance of injuries, damages or so on.

Next, we focus on the complete supply chain. As we are ourselves the best and trusted suppliers of automotive equipments, so it gets evident to work on the supply chain from top to bottom. The consortium of buyers, the chain of suppliers, specialist, experts all are judged one by one to comprehend with the right flow of logistics.

All the hard work and diligence comes into the picture with a happy customer. Seeing the rates of vehicles and new generation cars have already blocked the budget of the customers. So, it becomes our absolute responsibility to remove the burden of extra cost from their pockets.  It helps us in the cost reduction but also facilities the team with many other orders as well.

Haffner Auto understands the relationship between the customer and the cost reduction and thus has factored the areas like a master. We exert on identifying and eliminating the open pores to decrease the cost, damage, injury, accidents, and alongside increase the customer satisfaction, storage density and encouraged logistic operations. So, these were our best logistic solution that has helped us in meeting customer demand and cost reduction.

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